Monday, 5 January 2009

New Waste Site for Tenbury

Worcester County Council revealed tonight that Tenbury will get a new waste site.

The money is available, but they cannot say, where or when.

Under the contract agreed by Severn Waste Management signed in 1998, they are obliged to build and manage a new waste site for Tenbury Wells to replace the old fashioned and unsuitable site currently located on the Town Car Park.

Two sites in Burford, a site in Tenbury Town and the Tenbury Business Park have all previously been explored and rejected as unsuitable.

At tonight's Tenbury Town Council meeting, Paul Beard. the Waste Management Contract Manager of Worcester County Council was asked to think again about all the possible sites as the need to move and upgrade the waste and recycling facilities locally becomes ever more urgent.

The new site would include facilities for recycling metal, electric goods, plastics and batteries.


Anonymous said...

One huge problem with the current site is that it is usually closed, leading to problems on the days it does open. The obvious short term answer is to open it more often. This would be an easy and simple improvement that could be quickly introduced with no disruption and no set-up cost. Still, it's our money they're spending, so why should they worry about vbest alue?

Emily T said...

Would that include the paper/glass etc... recycling? If not they need to at least sort out the collection of it all - cardboard was overflowing and piled up round it and frequently the glass is too full to put anything more in.

@WR15 said...

At the moment the "Green" Waste and "Landfill" Waste are managed by Severn Waste on behalf on Worcester County Council, whereas the Glass, Paper and Cardboard are managed by Tenbury Town Council using individual contractors. These contractors are not very flexible with their emptying, and as all the cardboard and paper banks fill up around Christmas it takes some time to get round them all. The other problem is the way it's funded. The Contractor provides the service for the value of the materials (which is now nothing) and the Town Council gets a kick back from Worcester County Council for "diverting" domestic waste from the landfill skip! If all the different skips were under one Management then they would just be emptied when full (like the landfill skip is).

Anonymous said...

Could they use the former cattle market site?

@WR15 said...

Environment Agency say (sensibly) that you can't use a site likely to Flood. (I know the Cattle Market doesn't, but it is designated as flood plane)

Anonymous said...

No supermarket then